New Websites and New Customers

When I’m not posting to the blog it’s a good thing. Not so much for my readers, but for me. It means I’m busy building websites, working with clients and generally shaking my tail feather to make ends meet. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

Import GrowthSourcing and Strategy for Small Businesses
This is a website I setup for one of the subscribers to my international trade newsletter. I put the call out for individuals who would be interested in a no fee website which they could use to establish themselves in the international trade arena and to promote their own projects. They get a no-cost, custom website that they can manage on the condition that they post on topic on a regular basis. The individual who claimed this one runs a tea import business out of the San Diego area. I highly recommend checking out the site to hear about some of the trials and tribulations smaller importers face on a daily basis.

The Scrapbook PadColleyville’s Largest Scrapbook Store
A new customer and owner of The Scrapbook Pad, this website was fun to make and the owner a joy to work with. I hope I get a thousand more customers like this one! If you’re in the area, check out their store at:

5611 Colleyville Blvd. #140
Colleyville, TX 76034

Mulgore Armailte Society – a World of Warcraft Horde Guild
Because I don’t work all the time, this is a website designed for my latest obsession – World of Warcraft. The website is run by my wife who is far better at community building than myself and is something of an online meeting place for MAS guild members.

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