Spam Bully Review

Spam Bully LogoI run more than 20 web sites, and consequently I get a lot of spam mail.

Tip: if you publish your email address in plain text on a website, you can expect to triple your incoming spam.

The solution I’ve been testing over the last few days is Spam Bully and I have to say I’m very pleased!

Along with a variety of filters including a Bayesian flter (a learning filter that adapts itself to your user preferences), it comes packed with some really cool stastical analysis reports for your incoming mail. It’s reduced my morning email time from 30 minutes down to less than five, and it integrates seamlessly with Outlook Express. It doesn’t hog memory like some of the other client side spam filters, and virtually ever option I can think of is configurable to my preferences to reduce the chances it will trash something I need.

Spam is becoming a real problem and unfortunately there are more spammers than there are ways to combat it. I don’t expect we’ll win the war, but tools like Spam Bully are certainly worth $29.95 to make my life a little easier.

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