In the coming weeks, will launch its version 2.0 software on our web site We’re very excited about the new software and have been working over-time to include as many of the feature requests and improvements we could. The following is a list of potential questions new and existing users might have about the new version:

What’s new in version 2.0?

We’re introducing quite a few new features for contract management, as well as a paid subscription system. Expect to see support for multiple signatures on a contract, initials on certain sections, tracking metrics, audit logs and more!

How will the subscription system work?

We’ll have different account levels at a couple of different price points. Subscriptions will be billed on a monthly basis and every account type (including free accounts) will have access to all the features. The distinction will be in the number of contracts that can be made.

Will there still be a free account option?

Yes, absolutely.

How will this affect my existing account?

Existing accounts will be automatically imported into the new system and setup with the free account option. Any agreements in those accounts will remain active and won’t be counted toward the account limit. In short, your stuff will stay where it is, you will have full access to it, and you can use the new features with it.

I have more questions – who can I talk to?

Feel free to email me anytime:

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