Event Feedback with Joind.In

I had a chance to talk with the lead developer for Joind.in, an online service designed to provide speakers with efficient and timely feedback from their audience. They have a really well-designed service and I can definitely recommend it if you’re a public speaker or event organizer.

From their web site:

Like the talk? Let ’em know!

Joind.in provides the missing link between the people attending a conference and the ones that presented. The usual method of handing out paper forms is outdated and needs to be replaced. That’s where we come in – attendees can post their comments directly to each of the talks they attended, giving the speaker direct feedback on how they did and what they can do to improve.

Joind.in also has something to offer the speakers – you can track your record across the conferences and see how changes in your talk might have made a difference in your ratings.

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