Texas Style Wrought Iron Furniture

Ecommerce and online shopping are expanding at a phenomenal rate and small and independent retailers are poised to reap many of the rewards. At Danifer Web Services, ecommerce applications are one of our most commonly requested web site services and we see a lot of small retailers breaking into the market.

Our clients realize that with less than the cost of one month’s rent in a retail store, they can setup their own web site to market or test a new product line or simply reduce the upfront costs of launching a retail outlet.

With an online ecommerce web site, they reduce their risk from long term leases and inventory warehousing while gauging the effectiveness of their product. Rather than start a retail store and build a web site as a secondary marketing outlet, many of our customers choose to launch their web sites first and then build retail locations once the products and the marketing methods have been proven.

One of our recent ecommerce customers, Very Texas (www.verytexas.com), is an online retail store specializing in Texas style wrought iron furniture. After only a few weeks in development we were able to help this customer launch an online retail outlet while she established relationships with vendors and clients. She was able to open her doors to the public with minimal investment and minimal risk in a very short amount of time.

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