Paypal Released My Funds – Still Mad Though

Earlier this week, I called Paypal on a whim to talk to them about the giant rolling reserve placed on my account a few months ago. I’ve moved a good portion of my business away from them since they placed it, but I still process all of my recurring payments through their service (it’s a pain to migrate recurring payments) and I have a lot of money tied up in reserve.

To my surprise, the friendly customer support rep that I talked to removed the reserve from my account (both the rolling reserve and the minimum reserve) and released all of the funds for immediate use.

Initially I was thrilled about the windfall and withdrew it immediately. After the initial surprise wore off, I remembered some important facts:

  • This was my money to begin with – not a gift from PayPal.
  • If I had resolved my account issues to their satisfaction, why hadn’t anyone contacted me?
  • What would have happened if I didn’t pick up the phone myself?
  • What’s stopping this from happening again?

While I appreciate that PayPal worked with me and that I have my money, the whole experience has soured me on their service. I’ll continue to use them while it’s convenient, but during this period I took the opportunity to setup my own merchant account and integrate it with most of my payment processing.

They’ve lost 75% of my business and will lose another 20% in the next six months as I re-program my recurring payment setup. I don’t know what outcome they were hoping for, but I don’t think this is it.

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