Online Signature Utility

At Danifer Web Services, we strive to invest half of our time into building websites for clients and the other half into our own projects. The latest project of ours to come off the line is It’s a free, online signature utility that individuals can use to create and send their own contracts and agreements to be signed online.

free online signature utility

This site was developed after we realized the countless number of online documents, terms of service, etc. we’ve signed for other larger online service companies like MSN, Google, Yahoo!, and more. The idea behind is to bring the same benefits of online signatures and electronic contracts to individuals who may not have the resources to incorporate them into their websites.

We think this kind of thing might be useful for:

  • Web designers writing client agreements and non-compete contracts,
  • Home inspectors who require a signed customer agreement to meet insurance requirements,
  • Larger online transactions for ebay and craigslist users,
  • personal loan agreements,
  • and more!

If you have a unique way to use the service, please let us know and we’ll add it to the list. Thanks for checking it out and as always feedback is appreciated!

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