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If you’re in the market to buy a content driven marketing blog, check out this auction over at

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Here are the details:

PR3 – Business networking site – All original content is a content driven web site related to small business marketing and networking.


This site contains 19 professionally written; original articles related to small business marketing and networking that have not been republished or distributed elsewhere.

The contributing author is available to do follow-up work on a paid basis, but that is not included as part of this auction.

Traffic is fully indexed by Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. It averages about 20-25 unique visitors per day*.

You can view traffic statistics at:
username: guest
password: guest

* Our traffic numbers are not inflated with bot visits, paid traffic, or links from our other websites. Our statistics program does not count the majority of visits that would artificially inflate traffic.


We started using Yahoo!’s YPN program to monetize in September. Earnings are as follows:

Sep 2006 – $0.09
Oct 2006 – $6.79
Through Nov 17, 2006 – $2.38

You can view a screenshot of the most recent earnings at:


The domain name is registered through GoDaddy. It was registered as a new domain on 7/14/2006 and is included as part of this auction.


This site is powered by a fairly standard WordPress installation. All content is contained within the WordPress database.


The buyer will receive a copy of the site contents, database, and domain name. The winning bidder will be responsible for their own hosting and moving the website to a new home. I’ll be happy to set up one year’s worth of hosting and move the site for you for a one-time fee of $200.

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