This week, I teamed up with Kate Barlow of KGB Planning & Research which is a marketing strategy consultant from one of my networking groups.

Kate and I hit it off swimmingly, and found that our different skills complimented each other very well. I think she’s going to be a good source of local referrals for me, and I hope to reciprocate in kind.

In addition to being a swell person, Kate has also signed on to be a member of our SiteShare program. She’s already writing and sending out a monthly marketing newsletter, and liked the idea of posting the same information on a website she could refer her clients to.

The domain registered is and is my first attempt at marketing a .info domain. Until now, I’ve mostly stuck to .com, .net, and one .org, but marketing is a pretty high-demand keyword in a domain name and it was tough even to get one that was easy to remember and made sense ending .info. will be a free online resource for DFW business to business marketing tips and strategy.

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