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This is a follow up post to my earlier report on the Domain Listing Service mailers my customers have been receiving. Looks like they’ve modified their product a bit, but are still using the same deceptive, high pressure bulk mail to sell it. I can’t speak to the quality of the Search Engine Submission product they’re promoting, but I’m again disappointed in the sales strategy.

Thanks to Linda for alerting me to this issue with her email:

Recently I received a bill from the above-referenced company for $75.00. It was not for domain name registration so much as for a website address listing for search engine submissions. When I looked them up on the internet, your website with the correspondence regarding the bogus bill to one of your clients popped up. Thought you might like to know of their latest scam.



Another email, this time from Heather:

We were sent an invoice for $75 to renew our domain and unfortunately we sent the check to Domain Listing Service Corp. Would you happen to have a telephone number for them.

Thank you,


Here’s one from Patricia:

Thankyou soooo much!!!

I was this…… close to sending in my payment of $65 to this ‘domain listing service’ when I got suspicious of no phone#, and found your site. If you need my help in getting these guys, let me know! Thanks again.

It looks authentic and it does say ‘NOT A BILL’, but a solicitation and I’m not under any obligation to pay the amount (?).

This one from Shelley:

Thank you for confirming my suspicions about this company. Their solicitation looks like a real bill and I was almost ready to pay it. Luckily I read the statement and realized it was only a solicitation and not a bill. I am sure that many, many people just send them the $75.00 thinking that this is their domain server. When I went on their website to complain there was no link to customer service to complain.

While searching for info on this company, I came across your website. Thank you again for the heads up.


This one from Jane:

Appreciate your putting out this message. It is too late for us. We are a small organization, and were in between treasurers when this arrived. It got passed from one treausrer to the other, and none of us thought to research it. I am the one who would know if the charge were out of line, or sounded fishy, and I did not even see the letter. We got charged $65. We have since received a similar letter from another service, Liberty Names of America. They may or may not be legit, but it is a much higher rate than we pay. My treasurer is looking to see if the letter survived from DLS. If he can’t find it, I would be interested in having a copy from someone. I plan to make a police report.

This one from Stan:

Here it is January 15, 2008. Just received what looks like an invoice for $75 from Domain Listing Service. Since I never heard of them I went to Google. When I google the name I get your blog. Nowhere does it say “this is not a bill” What a scam!

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