Automated Link Exchange Request

Here’s an example of an automated link exchange request. Although written in a generically personable way, this is obviously an automated program or bulk distribution email.

As a web site owner I find this kind of thing annoying. Not only is it spam mail, but I believe bulk link requests like this are actually harmful to both the originating site as well as those that link to it.

If you’re not sure what all this is about, please check out this related article: What is a link exchange?

Here’s the email:

I came across your website, and would like to propose a link exchange between our sites. *company name removed* provides an array of *service description removed* to retail*potential clients removed* . *service description removed*

Please consider adding our link to your site on your page:

Here is our linking information:

Title: *Anchor Text Removed*
Description: *description removed*
URL: *URL removed*

========== Begin HTML Code ================

<a href=”*URL removed*” Target=”_blank”><b>*Anchor Text Removed*</b></a> *description removed*

========== End HTML Code ================

Let us know when our link is placed and we will post your link in the proper category of our resources page listed here: *description removed* .

Please be sure to include your desired title and description. Your link will be posted within hours, however, in some rare cases it may take longer. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your consideration,

*contact information removed*

If you would like not to receive any further communications from *company name removed* , please respond to this email with “Remove” in the subject line.

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